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Obama bombs again

It seems Barack Obama just can't open his mouth anymore without immediately inserting his foot and chewing vigorously. The latest in his recent series of gaffes came in New Hampshire, as reported by Kevin Landrigan of NashuaTelegraph.com:

Obama pledged to engage China and Saudi Arabia in supporting a permanent, peaceful political solution in post-war Iraq and communicate with sectarian factions in that country.

* * * * *

Isaiah Artsy, whose 17-year-old son, Shane, is volunteering on the Obama campaign, also said he felt let down by talk of the necessary "carrots and sticks'' in dealing with volatile Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

* * * * *

"Now you have narco drug lords who are helping to finance the Taliban, so we've got to get the job done there, and that requires us to have enough troops that we are not just air raiding villages and killing civilians, which is causing enormous problems there,'' Obama said.

Campaign spokesman Reid Cherlin said Obama was not endorsing the current Bush policy, which consists solely of air raids and bombing of civilians.

The whole article is at the link above. Wow, though! In ONE speech, he's going to turn Iraq over to China and the Saudis, offer Iran "carrots" to forget nukes, and accuses US troops in Afghanistan of committing crimes against humanity. What an idiot!

Found through Captain's Quarters, where Ed Morrissey notes:

Obama started this primary campaign looking like a man with a future in the Democratic Party. His asinine pronouncements on military affairs and foreign policy now make him look like someone drowning in two feet of water. Besides having a nice voice and a pleasant disposition, the man has nothing to offer. He's an empty suit, a man who doesn't engage his brain before activating his jaw.

Another part of his speech provides an example. He claims that he will settle the Iraq War by having Saudi Arabia and China occupy Iraq. How exactly will the US convince China to send troops to Iraq -- and why would the Iraqis want the Chinese there at all? Why would we want to put Chinese troops in the center of the Middle East, with all of the critical energy interests we have there? And while some Sunni Iraqis might consider Saudi troops as allies, the majority Shi'ites will see it as another Sunni attempt to dominate them. They would almost certainly appeal to Teheran for troops, and the regional war would flash into existence.

Does Obama think before making these statements? Does he think at all? He's not just blowing his chances in this election, but he's making an argument for his long-term exclusion from any position with foreign policy or military issues under his control.

Read the whole post at the preceding link. Being under close scrutiny for his series of foreign policy gaffes, one might suppose Obama would be careful what he says - IF he is such a smart guy and really wants a chance of being elected. Apparently neither is the case, though.

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Comments (7)

In the end, Barack Obama is... (Below threshold)

In the end, Barack Obama is nothing more than a good community organizaer. He has shown he has no business discussing something this complicated and this important. It's like the president of ACORN thinking he can run the world!

Well, considering the curre... (Below threshold)
Ron Paul:

Well, considering the current president is best known for making stupid, polarizing comments, I say Obama is perfect! He should probably put up a 'mission Accomplished' banner... ...after winning New Hampshire.

You ain't seen nothing yet!... (Below threshold)
Steve T.:

You ain't seen nothing yet! Yesterday Obama had this to say in Cedar Falls, Iowa:

"Is it any wonder that Exxon Mobil made record profits while you're paying over 3 bucks a gallon for a gallon of gas? It should not come as a surprise because your agenda was not represented at the time of the energy bill was fashioned."

Ha! And the gaffes just keep coming! What a moron! Everybody knows that the energy bill was crafted by energy-industry professionals because they're the experts in formulating responsible energy policy that not only benefits them, but, because what's good for commerce is good for the people, benefits the public at large! Obama is nominally correct that gas costs $3 a gallon, but some say if the administration's energy policy had been crafted by Greenpeace and other irresponsible communist-leaning groups, gas would certainly be up around $11 or $12 a gallon by now. By boldly stating that capitalism is bad, Obama reveals himself as the far-left cryptosocialist he is!

Thank you, Wizbang, for keeping us informed on Obama's ongoing struggles with the English language. Open mouth, insert foot, over and over again. Will this supposed intellectual ever learn to watch what he says?

Gee, Steve, why not prove y... (Below threshold)

Gee, Steve, why not prove you aren't a moron by explaining precisely which sections of the energy bill led to $3/gallon gas?

Caution: don't anyone hold your breath waiting on that . . .

Being a loud-mouthed fool doesn't necessarily ruin Obama's chances. As Mencken once observed, "No one ever went broke by underestimating the intelligence of the American public."

I can't tell whether you gu... (Below threshold)
George E.:

I can't tell whether you guys are serious or just being sarcastic.

1. Involving China, Saudi Arabia, and others in the development of post-war Iraq policy is exactly what is needed. In case you hadn't noticed, our current president's go-it-alone policy and refusal to admit error isn't going that well for him or our economy. Furthermore, at no point does Obama advocate having Saudi Arabia or China "occupy" Iraq. Putting words in someone's mouth and then calling him an idiot does not make him an idiot, it makes you a liar.

2. If it is okay with you to have oil industry lobbyists and executives write our nation's energy policy let me ask you this: would it be okay with you if pornography industry lobbyists got to write the rules governing the sale and distribution of pornographic magazines, videos, etc...?

3. Our "air raids" in Afghanistan are killing innocent civilians as acknowledged by our military and our president. As U.S. Citizens we may view this as unfortunate "collateral damage". The people in Afghanistan and most of the muslim world don't see it that way. The reason we so often use "air raids" in Afghanistan is that we have ignored the rise of the Taliban there while spending a Trillion dollars on a badly-planned invasion of Iraq. What Obama has said is true: we need to devote more time and energy to containing the Taliban in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Best Regards

It's not what the bill did;... (Below threshold)
Steve T.:

It's not what the bill did; it's what the bill didn't do. Gas prices were already skyrocketing when it was passed -- allegedly, it was supposed to ease the pain. Instead, gas prices are much higher today. Either the bill was a miserable failure or it was intended not to help, and perhaps to hurt and further line the pockets of oil companies -- your choice.

If I were a supporter of the current administration, I would probably avoid bringing up Mencken. "As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron." There's only one person people think of when they hear that quote. (By the way, I'm in the minority among the American public here, but I don't think our president is a moron. I firmly believe he's a man of very-slightly above-average intelligence and talents who, were he not born into the family he was, would probably be living a respectable life in the suburbs as a middle manager at, I don't know, a greeting-card company. But that just makes Mencken's hyperbolic comment even more prescient.)

The market determines the p... (Below threshold)

The market determines the price of gas, not plutocrats in smoke filled rooms. So you are both morons. There is a significant 'terror premium' to the price of oil, now.

Bush ain't going it alone. You just wish he were.

You don't think Cheney's visits to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia were to discuss the price of tea in China, do you?







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