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Democrats skip moderate meeting

The Democratic candidates, most of whom will be dropping in on the Nutroots at Yearly Kos, are all bypassing the DLC summer confab. Ron Fournier reports for the AP:

Bill Clinton will be there. So will 300 officeholders from more than 45 states. But one thing will be missing when Democrats gather in Tennessee this weekend to discuss how to appeal to moderate, independent-minded voters in 2008: the Democratic presidential field.

Not a single one of the eight presidential candidates plans to attend the Democratic Leadership Council's summer meeting, a snub that says less about the centrist DLC than it does about a nomination process that rewards candidates who pander to their parties' hardened cores while ignoring everybody else.

"They have tunnel vision," DLC founder Al From said of his fellow Democrats.

Read the rest at the above link. The DLC was formed after the 1988 Dukakis debacle. Democrats were worried that their liberal instincts meant they would never win another Presidential election. Bill Clinton, Al From, and others made sure the moderate voices were heard in the Party of McGovern (the reforms the McGovern Commission instituted gave far more power to the grassroots activists who tend to be far more liberal than the mainstream). It worked very well, with Clinton managing to become the first Democratic President elected to two full terms since FDR.

That was then, of course, and this is now. The Nutroots Revolution of the far left nearly nominated Howard Dean in the last cycle. Truth be told, it wasn't the leftists who sunk Dean's candidacy, it was Dean himself, who is an idiot. If there is any doubt who is in control of the Democratic Party today, the fact that the candidates skip the moderates' meeting and flock to the radicals' convention should clear it up.

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Comments (1)

DLC pushed for war with Ira... (Below threshold)

DLC pushed for war with Iraq. NAFTA. WTO.

It's an outfit only a mother could love, and since Mother Hillary isn't(?) going to Father Bill's fete, why would anyone else? Especially since it's designed as a top-down interest group fronted by Big Business which WILL support Hillary, show or no show.

The candidates would rather visualize themselves reining the potential of the KosKidz and the "nutroots" than re-smelling old cheese from 1992 which only led them (in the end) to the 2000 election results. No mystery there.

(The DLC was poison for Harold Ford in 06.)







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