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Democratic debate

The Democratic "You-Tube" debate at the Citadel in Charleston, SC didn't bring any shocking surprises, but the format of citizen-generated video questions was interesting.

The overall winner has to be judged Hillary Clinton. Not that she won going away, or won at all on strict points, but at this stage of the race her position is strong enough that if she isn't whipped, she wins. She also got a good slap at Obama's foreign policy inexperience by rebuking him for volunteering to meet with the leaders of Iran, Syria, North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela, as if holding hands and singing folk songs with them would bring world peace. Hillary correctly noted there is no reason to start out with a summit until progress is made and the way towards more is clear, otherwise it's just a propaganda coup for rogue regimes.

Obama hit back when Hillary tried to capitalize on her recent exchange with the Pentagon by telling her "the time to plan withdrawal is before going in," which is nonsense, of course, but the sort of nonsense which appeals to the moonbat base. So, with that and his generally improved - if unimpressive - performance, he gets second place.

Biden gets third by demonstrating his greater knowledge of details, particularly on Iraq. If strict debate scoring were employed (a difficult call, since it wasn't a true formal debate), he may have won on points.

Richardson performed better, and may have justified his recent rise in some polls. Dodd did about as well as he can do, was knowledgeable and composed with some passion coming through, but didn't really score on anyone in the way he must to move up.

Kucinich is insane. For slave reparations, voiding trade agreements . . . it's painful to listen to him.

The loser, though, was John Edwards. He just failed to come across well and looked extremely uncomfortable on the gay marriage question. Mired in third or fourth in polls (depending upon whether they include Gore) and in the 10-16% range, he has to have better debate showings to have any chance at all. He's a professional trial lawyer and is supposed to have the skills for this sort of event.

Two hours is just too darned long, too. Weed the field, Democrats!

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Rush watched the so called ... (Below threshold)

Rush watched the so called debate for me. The Tube questions were on the Net before the debate and candidates knew them backwards et al. Obama seems to be some university leftist prof who believes in diplomacy over any military efforts in a war. Hmmm? Well, since diplomacy has never brought peace without appeasement and defeat, I cannot believe this character could be made to look as a sophomore by the likes of Biden and Hil. But, that happened. The Dems loved this display of naivete and the love of pacifist socialism. Well, if polls are correct, we can expect 8 years of surrender of our free enterprise, democratic-republican policies. Refusing to vote in '08 by the Pub purists will probably give the socialists the victory. The GOP better wake up real soon.







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