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"Let me introduce you to my little friend"

The tag-line was spoken by Al Pacino in the remake of Scarface, as he pulled out his .50 caliber machine gun to dispatch his enemies.

Remember when Indiana Jones, faced with defeat by a huge opponent in an Arab marketplace, simply pulled out his pistol and shot the guy?

Hillary Clinton has pulled out her big gun now. Although leading in all the national polls, Obama's continued fundraising success underlines her weakness: there is probably less enthusiasm for Obama himself, given his thin resume, than for the idea of "Let's nominate somebody besides Hillary!"

Enter the Dragon. Bill Clinton is now campaigning with his wife in Iowa, as Richard Wolf reports in USA Today:

Former president Bill Clinton joined the New York senator for three days of campaigning across the state, to be followed by events this month in New Hampshire. Monday's rally drew several thousand sign-waving people to the Iowa State Fairgrounds. With five more rallies today and Wednesday, they were sure to enliven the Democratic race as it enters the final six months before Iowans start the voting in their caucuses.

Read the whole story at the above link. The former President remains very popular among Democrats, and even more so among likely primary voters, being the only Democrat elected to a second full term since FDR. While Obama may be treated like a rock star by his supporters, Clinton IS the rock star for the broader Democratic base.

The gauntlet has been thrown down in the Democratic Primary. To reject Hillary is to reject Bill. Will Democrats abandon their most effective past candidate to join the campaign of an unproven newcomer?

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Comments (5)

Notes of contention:... (Below threshold)
Robert Brian:

Notes of contention:
"Say Hello to my lil' friend!" is the line and it was an M16 which is not a ".50 caliber machine gun" it fires a 5.56mm round. It's Roughly half the size of a .50.

Other than that... great post. :)

The 2008 presidential elect... (Below threshold)
Judy T.:

The 2008 presidential election will boil down to an interesting and rather unique situation.

The two people with the greatest impact on the election will be two non-candidates George Bush and Bill Clinton.

We only need to answer two questions to determine the outcome of 2008.

First, question is will Democrat primary voters select Hillary as the nominee because of their love of non-candidate Bill?

Second, will general election voters punish the Republican nominee because of the unhappiness to outright derangement over George?

While, Bill Clinton never received a majority of votes in either 1992 or 1996, I wonder if the upset of the American voter over immigration and Iraq will overshadow the Clinton scandal fatique that plaqued us in 2000? Have we forgotten the Clintons' scandals fatique that made Al Gore distance himself from Bill in 2000?

Actually, I thought it was ... (Below threshold)

Actually, I thought it was an M203 myself, that being the M16 with the 40mm grenade launcher mounted underneath.

I think a high profile for ... (Below threshold)

I think a high profile for Bill in Hillary's campaign will just be a reminder to American voters that they don't want that cretin back in the White House.

I will defer to greater exp... (Below threshold)

I will defer to greater expertise on the gun, as it has been a long time since I saw the movie - I remembered it as being larger, but I could be wrong.

I definitely mangled the quote, and I apologize for that. "Let me introduce you to my little friend" was actually what Bill Clinton said to Monica Lewinsky. Honest mistake!








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