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Sucking up to Soros

When George Soros recently penned a column for the New York Review of Books which blasted the United States for refusing to deal with Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist group elected to power in the terror-tories, and calling upon the Democratic Party to "liberate" itself from the influence of the "Israel lobby," he created a problem for Democrats. On the one hand, they enjoy the billionaire's support for their candidates and causes but, on the other, they don't want to alienate their traditional support from pro-Israel Jewish donors, either.

Ed Morrissey is examining their dilemma at Captain's Quarters. He quotes an article in the New York Sun, which says in part:

Leading Democrats, including Senator Obama of Illinois, are distancing themselves from an essay published this week by one of their party's leading financiers that called for the Democratic Party to "liberate" itself from the influence of the pro-Israel lobby.

The article, by George Soros, published in the New York Review of Books, asserts that America should pressure Israel to negotiate with the Hamas-led unity government in the Palestinian territories regardless of whether Hamas recognizes the right of the Jewish state to exist. Mr. Soros goes on to say that one reason America has not embraced this policy is because of the influence of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

The full newspaper article is at the second link above. Ed notes, though, that it isn't exactly correct to say "Leading Democrats . . . are distancing themselves . . ." since only Obama has made any move at all - and even he only did so through a spokesman:

The same cannot be said for Hillary Clinton or the DNC. Hillary Clinton's response came via Re. Eliot Engel, who called Soros "obviously very self-absorbed". The DNC refused to comment, and one of its vice-chairs, Susan Turnbull, tried to blame the pro-Israel policies of the US on George Bush -- meaning that she agreed with Soros about it, although she tried to separate her agreement from AIPAC, which promotes the policies that Bush (and previous presidents) implements.

When will we hear directly from Clinton on this issue? Soros plays a critical role in raising funds for the party she wants to lead. Will Hillary personally and explicitly reject his calls to negotiate with terrorists? Up to now, Democrats haven't breathed a word about Soros' attempts to paint AIPAC as part of a cabal to make American policy subordinate to Israeli interests. They need to state whether they buy into Soros' conspiracy theories as well as into his cash, and they need to do that themselves, rather than through proxies.

Read Ed's full post at the first link above. It's a bit of a "sticky wicket" for the Democrats, who need the virulent anti-Israel left but fear alienating both traditional-liberal Jews and Middle Americans who don't like cozying up to unrepentant terrorists like Hamas.

Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of hypocrites, though.

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And this is the wealthy sno... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

And this is the wealthy snot bucket who wants to disarm us all why dont he pack up his millions and go live somewhere else we dont need this wealthy liberal eletists







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