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Hold your breath: Kerry still undecided

The media, at least, is breathless in anticipation of another run by the Massachusetts Senator. The rest of the world is pretty much just yawning. The latest "news" that Kerry still can't decide is reported at Captain's Quarters:

Most people are already surprised that he didn't see the handwriting on the wall after 2004. Al Gore has more of a chance for a comeback than John Kerry. However, the last Democratic nominee has remained a specter in the 2008 campaign, albeit a minor one. No one calculates a Kerry run in a race where Hillary Clinton has all but announced her candidacy and those disaffected from Clinton yearn for an Obama challenge.

Kerry/s time has passed, and the last person to realize it is Kerry, or maybe it's the media who haven't figured it out. Kerry's low profile for the last two months indicates that he can indeed read that handwriting after all.

Read the rest at the link above. I'm not sure Kerry is truly a "specter" on the 2008 campaign . . . more like a "speck," or just a bad joke. His near-universal rebuke by his own party after his foolish comments on US troops during the midterm campaign should have given him the message.

If not, the report below of another potential Al Sharpton candidacy must surely cast a specter on Kerry's hopes to be the top candidate among those drawing single-digit support.

Maybe his best hope is to try to sing his way to victory, like Dennis "Sharecropper" Kucinich:

Say what you will about Dennis Kucinich, that he's a peacenik or a realist or a dreamer or a man America needs right now.

But when he sings - really sings, deepening his voice and slowing the tempo to a working-in-the-fields, sharecropper cadence - the man can connect. Even in New York, on Seventh Avenue near Broadway, where some of the best singers and politicians show up as a matter of course, Kucinich's singing can steal the show. If he can make it there - well, you know the rest.

"You load 16 tons and what do you get, another day older and deeper in debt," Kucinich, who is white, sang in a slow, sorrowful voice Monday to a mostly black audience of about 500 people, getting their attention and mild approval near the end of a long, somewhat rambling speech at the start of his second try at becoming president.

Read the rest of the Cleveland Plain Dealer report at the link above. Hat-tip to TKS for pointing to this story.

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