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Kerry holds off on 2008 decision

John Kerry is putting off his decision whether or not to run for President again in '08. According to the Boston Globe, he "was stunned by the swift, angry reaction" to his "botched joke" about our troops in Iraq, and blames also "the lingering skepticism and resentment" among Democrats for his 2004 loss, as reported at Captain's Quarters:

Oh, please. This is just more spin from Kerry's crew. What the incident revealed wasn't "lingering skepticism and resentment" from his incompetent campaign against Bush in 2004. Fellow Democrats hardly bother to hide both even to this day. What got the Democrats angry, except for Charles Rangel, is that it fed into the image of Democrats as elitist snobs that sneer at the military and the men and women that comprise it. He tried to pass it off as a joke about George Bush, which didn't make any sense since (a) Bush has an MBA and obviously pursued his education, (b) he got slightly better grades than John Kerry did as an undergraduate, and (c) both of them volunteered for the service.

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Kerry only postpones the immaterial in this delay. The Democratic Party wouldn't nominate him again even if he was the last Democrat in the nation. The longer he pretends otherwise, the more pathetic he becomes.

Read the whole post at the link above, along with the link to the original news story.

Captain Ed is entirely correct: another Kerry run is only feasible in Kerry's own sick and twisted mind. He has no chance at all at the nomination - and wouldn't have had a chance in 2004, either, had not the all-but-anointed Howard Dean suffered his series of meltdowns beginning with the assertion that the capture of Saddam didn't make America any safer. In 2008, he would be facing several stronger candidates, several of whom will be better-funded than Kerry.

He should do the wise thing and save tuh-RAY-zuh some money.

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Comments (2)

'He [Kerry] should do the w... (Below threshold)

'He [Kerry] should do the wise thing and save
tuh-RAY-zuh some money.' the blogger wrote...

AGREED...he's got a lot to 'CATS-UP' on (hee hee)

I think that John Kerry sho... (Below threshold)

I think that John Kerry should have another chance for the presidency in 2012.







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