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Senate Races: My take

Below you have AKM's take on the senate races. Here is my perspective:

Rhode Island: The latest Mason-Dixon poll, as well as internal polling has Chafee surging. This is one state where the Republican GOTV machine will help. Voter intensity must remain high in order to maintain this seat. The Chafee family has a long history of public service in Rhode Island (much like the Bush family has a long history of public service in this country). Chafee fits this state perfectly, and I hope that Rhode Island voters appreciate that, even if I don't agree with him.

Montana: Rasmussen has Burns down 2 points with the momentum, while Mason-Dixon has the race tied, with Burns having the momentum. This is another race where our GOTV machine, and the intensity of our voters will be very important. If our voters want this seat badly enough, they will work hard to get out the vote, and we will keep this seat. This seat is all about the passion of our voters. We can keep this seat. It depends on how much we want it.

Missouri: Mason-Dixon has Talent down 1 with momentum (previous M-D poll had Talent down 3). Rasmussen also has Talent down 1. This race will be all about turnout and our GOTV machine. Our voters must turn out. Once again, if we want this seat bad enough, we can keep it. It's all about our intensity and passion.

Maryland: Mason-Dixon has Steele down 3 with the momentum. Steele is one of the most impressive canidates of this cycle. His outreach to African-American voters has been very impressive, and it may prove the difference in this race. I don't want to say too much on this race, but I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed.

Virginia: This is a seat we should have in the bag, and we still should win this if our voters want it badly enough. Our voters need to turn out.

Tennessee: Corker has the lead and the momentum. I see him winning this race rather handily, but our voters need to turn out.

Ohio: Mason-Dixon has Dewine down by 6. He'll need to close it to 3 points by tomorrow night in order to pull this one off. I think he can do it if our voters want it badly enough.

The basic theme in my analysis is that if we want this badly enough, and if our voters will turn out with the same passion that they did for President Bush in 2004, we will win. Will we stay at home and let liberal millionaire trial lawyer Harry Reid take over the Senate and obstruct President Bush's judges? It's up to YOU!

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Comments (4)

GET OUT AND VOTE MY FRIENDS... (Below threshold)
Ed Torres:


A bunch of major pollsters ... (Below threshold)

A bunch of major pollsters have been caught or admitted to fudging the numbers in favor the democrats. It they were sure they wouldn't have to phony them up. The WaPo had admitted they have slanted their entire news (sic) coverage of this election cycle. Guess people will trust them now, won't they? Most democrats are so sure they've already won they aren't planning to vote. Good for them.

Jon Carry (aka Hanoi John K... (Below threshold)

Jon Carry (aka Hanoi John Kerry) launched a massive roadside bomb and the damage assessments are just now coming in through the polls.

I have a question about the... (Below threshold)

I have a question about the polls.

Are they just surveying people who are likely to vote on Tuesday or do they include voters who have already voted? This is very important as some states are seeing record early votes. If the polls do not account for people who already voted it may provide for inaccurate results especially since early voting started over a week ago in many places.

Any info is appreciated.








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