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Name that Moonbat

Our astute readers can probably guess who is being quoted here:

"The savage and devilish acts and performances of Bush, as a Republican, have placed his party in a very critical condition."

"_______ stressed that the only move helping the ... administration to escape its present crisis is unconditional withdrawal from Iraq."

"They chant many slogans about their fight against terrorism, but they, meantime, meet terrorists and order them to kill as many ... as they can in Iraq."

"He also warned ... that the US is just seeking to loot their wealth and oil."

Okay, who is it? Noam Chomsky? Not even close . . . Howard Dean? Getting warmer . . . Lou Dobbs? You are burning up . . . but WRONG!

He ain't heavy, he's their brother . . .

Hat-tip to Little Green Footballs for pointing to this article. Maybe he should have sent it to Sherrod Brown and Ben Cardin?

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Comments (6)

John Kerry?... (Below threshold)

John Kerry?

Oh, come on. What's the an... (Below threshold)

Oh, come on. What's the answer?

If you give up, click the l... (Below threshold)

If you give up, click the link at the bottom that says "He ain't heavy, he's their brother" - but don't give the answer away to those who still want to play, mmmkay?

If "he ain't heavy, he's th... (Below threshold)

If "he ain't heavy, he's their brother..." is the clue, it has to be Ted Kennedy.

Why are Democrats and so-ca... (Below threshold)
Florence Schmieg:

Why are Democrats and so-called Independents so blind that they cannot see what they are doing with their BDS rhetoric?

For the first time in my ti... (Below threshold)
Jack on Track:

For the first time in my time on earth, we will be electing a US political party to rule half of our Congress that parrots and copys our mortal enemies word for word. If it wasn't so damn serious and disturbing it would be parody wrapped up in satire disguised as an enigma.







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