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Secret Cardin Staffer Blog Exposed!

Just days after Rep. Ben Cardin won the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate in Maryland, Wizbang Politics has found the secret blog of a female Cardin staffer who has quite a bit to say about race, gender, and creepy old Jewish guys. It's not quite Washingtonienne, but Cardin's mystery staffer, known as Persuasionatrix***, is dishing some anonymous dirt that's sure to leave a black eye on the campaign...

First, in a race where race is the great unspoken factor (Cardin's main primary opponent - Kweisi Mfume - and the Republican opponent - Lt. Gov. Michael Steele - are both black), it turns out that, in the eyes the of the Persuasionatrix, black staffers have an advantage - the "racism card."

It's an unfortunate situation when you're running an established, older, white candidate against a dynamic, younger African American. It's unfortunate, because the racism card hovers constantly, just waiting to be dealt.

It's unfortunate, because no matter how completely and utterly incompetant a person is, if he fits in the wrong demographic, you're stuck with him. It doesn't matter what his job history is, or that he may have been fired by every other campaign in the county's history, you can't let him go.

And when his supervisor, after explaining the same detail seventeen different times, becomes frustrated and less then pleasant, he has one recourse that is only available to him because of the color of his skin.

He plays the racism card, the magic passport to a different chain of command.

His supervisor has no such weapon in her arsenal, she has only the documentation of their interactions, and her own good standing within the organization. She has the respect of her supervisors, and their backing, but still nothing can be done.

Even desert has been spoiled by race, as our dedicated heroine hints at the ammusement Cardin staffers take in secretly eating Oreos.

Looming in the back of one of the campaign pantries is a large stack of Oreos. A much smaller stack of generic chocolate pastries sits forlornly beside it.

Periodically staffers will sureptitiously glance around and then sneak in for a treat. One or two certainly has a stash hidden in a desk drawer.

The subterfuge would be unnecessary, and snack time would be far less amusing, had an angry citizen not thrown the aforementioned delicious snack food at one of our opponents to comment on his lack of racial loyalty. He's not our opponent yet, not unless we win next Tuesday, but it would be bad to have the cookies lying around where anyone can seen them.

Before I leave, however, I need a picture of all of us holding the forbidden cookies with the caption: "Devouring the Competition."

The Persuasionatrix is not a big fan of Cardin's friends, as it turns out the candidate runs with some skeevy old men who like to grope the staffers...

Why am I a Sex Object for Old, Jewish Men?

I love my job. I love the people I work with. I like my candidate and I adore his wife. I do not, however, like some of my candidate's friends.

When my father was in medical school, there were a number people he knew whom I would shy away from and not talk to at all. This was strange, as most reports indicate I did not shut up for a good ten years after my first sentence (of course, sometimes I'd run out of the room screaming, which is not quite as unusual).

As I've grown older, and gotten to know these men who seemed so frightening to the toddler me, I find that they share a number of chracteristics. They are large men with strong, loud voices and Jewish noses. They are also overly friendly. Some of these men are now my friends, but some are just a little bit creepy to this day.

I'm certainly not one to shy away from physical contact, but when older men I don't know find it ok to squeeze my arm or my shoulder or shake my hand way too long, the toddler me comes out and wants to hide under the restaurant table or in the closet behind the coats.

Some of the guys who have been with my candidate for years are like that. They don't mean anything by it; it's just the way they are. I wish that made it less uncomfortable.

Uh, wait until Bill Clinton shows up to stump for Cardin...

Update: The Washington Times Politics Blog got a statement from a Cardin spokesman, who said the unknown blogger had been fired as soon as the blog was discovered.

"We became aware of this blog today," said Oren Shur, Mr. Cardin's spokesman. "We utterly condemn the sentiments expressed in it. It is not an accurate reflection of Ben Cardin or his campaign. The junior staffer responsible for the contents of this blog is no longer employed by the campaign." Despite the fact that my request for comment was the one that alerted the Cardin camp to the blog, they've refused to respond to my repeated requests for a comment...

*** After the Cardin campaign announcement, the first two posts highlighted above were removed from the original Persuasionatrix site. The links in the story have been changed to the locally cached version we saved in anticipation of such an action.

Update 2:: According to the latest FEC filing, there was a Ursula Gruber from Chicago paid a salary of $782.46 on Aug. 15, The "Persuasionatrix" posted about moving from Chicago to Maryland on August 4. Gruber filed an expense report from the supplies store Staples, for $67.82, on Aug. 18. The "Persuasionatrix" posted about visiting Staples on Aug. 4. Given that no one else matches those details, it's pretty safe to assume that your Persuasionatrix, or rather your ex-Persuasionatrix, is Ursula Gruber.

Update 3:: The Cardin camp is attempting to spin the situation as the work of "a junior staffer." As we show in our follow-up to the story, that's not the case.

Update 4:: Jessica Cutler, aka The Washingtonienne, weighs in on Gruber's blog folly.

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Comments (30)

"Secret Cardin Staffer Blog... (Below threshold)
GOP Wins:

"Secret Cardin Staffer Blog Exposed!"

I don't get it. It's a stupid thing to do, but how can it be secret if it's publicly available on the internet, and she doesn't take pains to hide who she works for?

Obviously the MSM will be a... (Below threshold)
Plaid Aardvark:

Obviously the MSM will be all over this...a white lady in the campaign of a white candidate ridiculing a black candidate? Make fun of the Jews? Man, o man, what an election scandal! This can be better then the 'Macacca' fiasco. Man that’ll hurt 'em hard!


She works for a Democrat?

You sure?


Hey! Look over there! Evil Bushitler-bot running for senate in Maryland against noble champion of civil rights and fighter against racism!

Actually if this post is tr... (Below threshold)

Actually if this post is true she needs mental health care and she needs it now. Paranoia which seems to be the common thread that holds the democratic party togather has destroyed her brain.

Could she really be this st... (Below threshold)

Could she really be this stupid?

If she has enough net savvy to create a blog, she must know that the wrong people could read this.

Hamsher? Anyone?

How in the heck does the campaign not make it clear to the staffers that this is taboo?

Scratch one/another young political career.

Did anyone else notice that... (Below threshold)
Plaid Aardvark:

Did anyone else notice that her "race card" post was deleted just this evening?

Another bastard child of Wo... (Below threshold)

Another bastard child of Wonkette bites the dust

Did anyone else notice t... (Below threshold)

Did anyone else notice that her "race card" post was deleted just this evening?

I fully expected that to happen, which is why I've rolled out the locally cached version of the whole site...

I fully expected that to... (Below threshold)
Plaid Aardvark:

I fully expected that to happen, which is why I've rolled out the locally cached version of the whole site...

Good call Kevin. With the MD race being a near bizzaro world of reverse race/party candidates (Cardin/Dem/White - Steele/Republican/black; like a Condi vs. Hillary '08 race) things are just going to get interesting.

Michael Barone has the poll data and it is very telling on this race because of race.


These counties are predominantly black:

Baltimore City (Cardin) 21,757 (Mfume) 43,488
Prince George's Co. (C)18,619 (M)70,926

and these are predominantly white

Baltimore County (C)51,612 (M) 27,867
Montgomery County (C)50,744 (M) 25,741

These 4 counties carry all of Maryland, and they are racially divided.

The one question is...Will white liberal's vote for Steele out of white liberal guilt and will blacks vote against a black for a white surbuban type?

She's a plant from Rove. S... (Below threshold)

She's a plant from Rove. Surprised Lee didn't announce that already.

This story has been comment... (Below threshold)

This story has been commented on at WBAL here in Baltimore. Cardin did the right thing. I will give him credit for that. I laughed at the racial loyality comment.I guess to some liberals, blacks are suppose to vote as some sort of collective herd of cattle. Maybe thats what liberals pass off as diversity.

I noticed she spelled "raci... (Below threshold)
Jim C.:

I noticed she spelled "racism" as "rascism", as in "fascism". Coincidence? I think not!

C'mon everybody, sing the "... (Below threshold)
Rude Nude:

C'mon everybody, sing the "Clean-up Song"!!!

"Clean-up, clean-up! Everybody, everywhere!
Clean-up, clean-up! Every website, do your share!"

Get out there double-plus-fast and erase any
memory of this now un-person! Do it for your

I know Persuasiontrix perso... (Below threshold)
Decidedly Anonymous:

I know Persuasiontrix personally. It's tragic really: she was so excited about working on a campaign. She called me in a panic to help her get the blog down. Not a thing could be done. Looks like she called the right person, and finally got it down, but not before it being cached. Lesson learned: don't blog about your job. Also, you can't hide behind internet anonymity (yes, I realize the irony of posting anonymously, and that some log somewhere has my email address). Third, a deleted webpage never quite goes away. But hey, now she has a future in journalism! C'mon, you know you want to post here; the damage has been done already. Do it! Do it now!

Can we get a photo of Ms. G... (Below threshold)

Can we get a photo of Ms. Gruber?

I have a raging craving for the intimate details of her life right now.

C'mon friends of Ms. Gruber, SPEAK UP!

This woman has to have pissed off a lot of people in the course of her wanderings. You've been waiting for this moment...

Freedom ain't Free. There's... (Below threshold)

Freedom ain't Free. There's always a price.


Life is hard, but it's even harder when you're stupid...

I'm not going to post an im... (Below threshold)
Decidedly Anonymous:

I'm not going to post an image of her that you can fap to (are you some kind of Old Jewish Guy?). And you won't find her on google image search either.

"I know Persuasiontrix p... (Below threshold)
David K:

"I know Persuasiontrix personally."

Then why not defend her more? Anti-Semites sicken me (even as so often happens when they are self-hating Jews), but I did not get a sense that this insightful woman is either an anti-Semite or a racist.

Yes, she should have been more wise if she is working on a political campaign, but Seinfeld and John Stewart mock some Jews, and that's fine. The anti-Semite is the one who always finds a way to blame the world's wrongs on Israel and the Jews.

Since when 'dynamic, younge... (Below threshold)
andy dufresne:

Since when 'dynamic, younger African American' means mysogonistic baby daddy?

Any black man that can utter a sentence and not sound like an illiterate point guard is called dynamic or serious or intelignet. Barack Obama is a perfect example, the man has done nothing but speak like a white college graduate and he's already a presidential contender.

Isn't Gruber a Jewish last ... (Below threshold)

Isn't Gruber a Jewish last name? All of the Gruber's I've known have been Jewish. Something to consider on her Jewish comments if Ursula Gruber is indeed the blogger?

yes, it seems to be ursula ... (Below threshold)

yes, it seems to be ursula gruber. as far as I can tell, she has had a position as debate coach at the Latin School in Chicago, and in one of her persuasionatrix posts she mentions "ditzy debater girls" . . . and of course her blog name fits the profile of someone involved in persuasive rhetoric as a career . . . so that fits her job in Chicago . . . in fact, maybe she is just on sabbatical from that job . . . though strangely I couldn't find any record of her on the Latin School website

No record of her on their w... (Below threshold)

No record of her on their web site, but she is listed at the instructor here.

Ditzy is right.And... (Below threshold)

Ditzy is right.

And an "incompetant" speller to boot.

AFAIK, she had a Jewish par... (Below threshold)
Decidedly Anonymous:

AFAIK, she had a Jewish parent or grandparent, but was raised Catholic. I don't think she is either right now. She never really struck me as an anti-semite. I don't think there was a political reason for throwing in the word "Jewish" with Old Men. Probably just some old Jewish relatives or friends of the family. A poor choice of words perhaps, but then again, that's why I don't blog :)

And yes, she was a debate coach in Chicago.

You focus on this crappolla... (Below threshold)

You focus on this crappolla while Bush is saying today that he is backing the transer of 6 US ports to a Dubai company? Remember the uproar this caused in the spring? What Bush think most Americans are as dumb as he? Maybe he thinks are brain is as booze soaked as his and we would forget this stinkin' deal. We haven't. Bush is selling out our security to Dubai.

The chimp is a chump.

She's a fool. Everyone kno... (Below threshold)

She's a fool. Everyone knows the internet isn't private.

Anyway, I'm young, black and educated. I plan on voting for the best candidate regardless of race or party. I'm a bit leery of putting another Rep in the Senate, but if Cardin doesn't impress me I will vote for Steele.

Mr Cardin is a very dangero... (Below threshold)
Shoronda Hewitt:

Mr Cardin is a very dangerous man for the African American Community and non-jewish community in general. While I truly respect one looking out for their own and working hard to advance causes of their people, you cannot leave those behind which help make the USA strong.

As Martin Luther King did, he had a dream for all children alike, not just black, white. For all children.

Mr Cardin needs to get on the bus and mix it up with all sisters and brothers.

Earth to Shoronda - Ben Car... (Below threshold)

Earth to Shoronda - Ben Cardin is a lot more like Martin Luther King than you are.

You, my dear, are a bigot, and you are projecting the bigotry, prejudice, and racism that you yourself possess on to Cardin.

I might end up voting for Steele, but it's not because Cardin is a danger to my community or the black community. You and your bigoted and poorly thought through views are the danger.

Where is your rule book? D... (Below threshold)
GOP left the room:

Where is your rule book? Don't you know - the "race card" or "playin' the race card" is only a good thing when the GOP can use it to their advantage - like when Cynthia McKinney was playin' the race card or when that idiot Farrakhan plays it...or Kanye West does it.

Other people aren't allowed to touch that card - it's in Rove's private deck....and the real GOP and all it stood for left the room a long time ago.

So if where are going to ca... (Below threshold)
M factor:

So if where are going to cast stones for people making note of anything ethic. treats(he is one) nose's(sammy davis had one of the same) Let's get out the BIG RED CARD for Mr. Steele's ASSociates that are running a radio add on democrates history on civil rights.. Hey Sometimes It Trench Warfare with butterknives

..Good one, it's in ... (Below threshold)

Good one, it's in and you're linked, thanks!

absurd thought -
God of the Universe hates
firecracker journalists...

demonize minorities
who don't tow liberal line







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