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Florida Senate - A Plea to Republicans

Despite the entreaties of several prominent Florida Republicans, Governor Jeb Bush is not about to jump into the primary at the last minute. "Not gonna happen, wouldn't be prudent," as his father might say. It's too late to mount a realistic write-in campaign, and a failure on such a futile gesture would diminish his stature for possible future campaigns.

HOWEVER, there are some truths we know: Katherine Harris will lose the general election to Bill Nelson, as would each of her less-well-known opponents on the primary ballot. YOU, the Florida Republican voter, have the choice of writing in Gov. Bush anyway. Please do so. If enough of you do, he might accept the "draft."

There is no downside to writing in Bush, since without him we are destined to lose the seat anyway.

Just think about it before you vote.

Thank you.

CORRECTION: For some reason, I called Harris "Elizabeth" originally, until LibraryLady called it to my attention in the comments. Harris is perhaps the only Senate candidate in the country, though, who could change her name at the last minute and get MORE votes. I've corrected the text above.

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Comments (8)

Does anyone know what the F... (Below threshold)

Does anyone know what the Florida election laws are about a candidate withdrawing and being replaced after a primary? Thats the last best hope I see for the GOP.

While Jeb would be ideal, I think Gallagher would be a more realistic candidate. He has strong statewide appeal and he has an up and running statewide campaign staff. Since he is likely to lose the governor primary, he should also be available.

Well, I don't know Elizabet... (Below threshold)

Well, I don't know Elizabeth Harris but I do think Katherine Harris will lose.

I am not in Florida but I do wish JEB would run.

Librarylady,I miss... (Below threshold)


I missed that point about Elizabeth. But give Jim his due. He's right that Elizabeth won't win.

OOPS! Thanks for noting th... (Below threshold)

OOPS! Thanks for noting the error, LibraryLady, I've corrected it in the text to avoid confusion.

I'm uncertain on Florida election laws. After the 2000 election, I'm not even 100% certain they have any their State Supreme Court won't change or ignore to help Democrats.

It's a doggone shame that a pathetic leftist tool like Bill Nelson is going to represent Florida for another term in the Senate by default, in effect.

Yet another john wrote- Whi... (Below threshold)

Yet another john wrote- While Jeb would be ideal, I think Gallagher would be a more realistic candidate. He has strong statewide appeal and he has an up and running statewide campaign staff. Since he is likely to lose the governor primary, he should also be available.

Gallagher is a 3-time loser for governor with a history of bad ethics (Owning insurance company stocks while Insurance commissioner) whose gotten two knucklehead awards from me since January. Harris has one. Tom Gallagher wouldn't win either.

As to a write-in for Bush, its a pipe dream like the Gallagher replacing Harris scenario.

Bush won't get written in, Harris wins but loses in November, Crist will be the next governor. Murtha swamps Irey,(Flushing that Rightroots money down the drain and teaching that organization that you pick your battles carefully based on reality not fantasy) Republicans lose the house, Democrats gain 4 seats in the Senate.

Ah, yes, the Florida Masoch... (Below threshold)

Ah, yes, the Florida Masochist . . . cheery sort, aren't ya?

With folks like you around, I'll never feel lonely for Kevin Phillips . . .

I guess it doesn't pay to b... (Below threshold)

I guess it doesn't pay to be honest in Florida. Harris was the most honest person involved with the election and followed the law to the 'T', see where it got her. Guess you just can't beat being a life long criminal.

What has "being honest" to ... (Below threshold)

What has "being honest" to do with it? Does honesty immediately qualify one for the Senate? My mechanic is an honest man, but he'd be the first one to tell you he isn't qualified to run for US Senate (see, I told you he was honest).

Harris did a good job under extreme duress in 2000, sure. She enforced Florida law to the letter, as it should be.

BUT she already was rewarded for that courage, by being backed for a very safe Republican seat in Congress. She deserved nothing higher - it's The Peter Principle in action.

Her problem is she will get very few votes from independents OR Democrats, and you cannot win statewide in Florida that way. So, she won't. In the meantime, she has to give up her safe House seat, which she could have held as long as she wanted, perhaps getting to chair a subcommittee or something down the road.

But - nooooooooo! Like Yertle the Turtle, she wanted more - more - MORE! And she will fall just like he did, too . . .







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