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Arkansas Governor: Hutchinson closing in

In the race to replace retiring Arkansas Republican Gov. Mike Huckabee, Democratic Attorney General Mike Beebe has enjoyed a comfortable lead over former Republican congressman Asa Hutchinson all year long. Now that lead is rapidly shrinking, the latest Rasmussen Reports poll shows:

In a political season filled with bad news from the GOP, our latest Arkansas poll shows a trend moving in the other direction. State Attorney General Mike Beebe's (D) lead continues to evaporate in his gubernatorial contest with former Congressman Asa Hutchinson (R). Beebe now leads Hutchinson 45% to 41%. For most of the year, the Democrat enjoyed a double digit lead. Then, July's survey showed Beebe on top 47% to 40%.

Beebe recently began an early TV advertising campaign, prompting some observers to conclude that his campaign team sees the race tightening as well. While Beebe reports raising more money than Hutchinson, they have roughly equal amounts of cash on hand.

Read the full report at link above.

Arkansas is one of the last competitive states in the south. While the Republicans scored a breakthrough with Huckabee as Governor, have been able to elect some congressmen, and have done well winning the state in national elections {excepting, of course, the two Clinton campaigns}, the states' two US Senators are both Democrats, and it has been high on the list of targeted gubernatorial races for the Democrats this year.

With so many Governorships at risk nationally, Republicans need a "hold" here badly. Losing Arkansas would also likely be an indicator of a bad night for the GOP on Election Day.

For analysis of Republican Governorships considered most at-risk, see Alexander McClure's round-up yesterday.

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Comments (2)

My humble,yet snide observa... (Below threshold)

My humble,yet snide observation, is that the republican poll numbers dropped dramatically when the candidates started spouting off about intelligent design and teaching creation in school. This article in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette continues on a theme that has been playing out in Arkansas the last two weeks.

Perhaps some political guru can tell me why the Republicans want to beat the schools back to the Stone Age in our science classes? Has no one been watching the school board elections where these people are getting thrown out in droves? One other question, has anyone looked into Pennsylvania on the subject? It seems after the “Santorum” amendment debacle to teach intelligent design; his poll number took a huge dive too.

Mustard eater!Just... (Below threshold)

Mustard eater!

Just kidding . . . {inside joke, folks - visit his blog to "get it"}

Politicians would be well advised to stay away from school curricula altogether. Just because some ridiculous things are imposed by the educrats doesn't mean imposing other ridiculous things is a good idea.

Just insist the schools teach the necessary basic knowledge FIRST. If they would only do that, there wouldn't be enough time in the school day for nonsense - of any origin.







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