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Of Rightroots, Nutroots, and Knuckleheads

When the Rightroots effort began, it sounded like a great way to counter the KosKids/Nutroots incursions into key congressional races. One of the weaknesses of the Nutroots seemed to be picking candidates with their emotions rather than with their brains {if any}. Many of those Kos selected had no practical chance to win, so not only was the money raised a waste, but with each new defeat the project took on the air of windmill-tilting.

Then, when The Florida Masochist gave Rightroots his "Knucklehead of the Day" award, I began to worry. Diane Irey, opposing anti-war, anti-Marine John Murtha, is not only on the RR list, but has garnered the lioness' share of donations. The Florida Masochist pointed out that Murtha has won his district easily in recent elections, and the race isn't even considered a "race to watch" by any serious compilation of competitive seats.

Were we falling into the Kos "ego trap," and choosing candidates we merely hoped would win? Maybe not, thanks to Rep. Murtha.

As Bob Novak reports at Townhall, Murtha just can't keep his big fat foot out of his mouth. First, he declared the Marines accused of killing innocent civilians at Haditha guilty of war crimes before the investigation was fully engaged. NOW, after squad leader Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich sued Murtha for defamation of character, Murtha did it again:

Rep. John Murtha, responding Wednesday to a defamation lawsuit filed by a Marine accused of killing Iraqi civilians in 2005, mistakenly said Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich had been "charged in the incident at Haditha." In fact, no charges have been filed against anybody.

Murtha quickly issued a new press release Wednesday deleting "charged" and describing Wuterich as leader of "the squad accused of killing two dozen civilians."

With Murtha's continued help, Irey's chances can only improve. One suspects Murtha's easy reelections were in large part due to his military record. His open slandering of our men in harm's way can't help him, no matter how heavily Democratic his district may be.

The real "Knucklehead" is sitting in Congress - maybe not for long, if we all help.

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Comments (4)

Jim,As you describ... (Below threshold)


As you described it, rightroots support of Irey is a case of emotion of brains. Look at the Colorado 7th, the 2nd most vulnerable Republican seat in Congress by one forecaster. Rightroots has raised 1/10 for that race as they did for Irey. Murtha is a certified winner in November and as I said before I'll wager on it. The C0-7th can be lost. Rightroots made a bad blunder and their continued support shows how bad their judgment is. Why not admit you made mistake and drop Irey? Pride or stupidity? What is it?

Murtha has a significant ad... (Below threshold)

Murtha has a significant advantage in voter registration, but that doesn't really mean squat. Liberal John Kerry only managed to get 51% of that district in 2004. Lurchin' left Jackie Murtha has really turned a safe seat into a vulnerable one, and he's pissed off a lot of veterans (like me) in the process.


Anyone who thinks that Dian... (Below threshold)

Anyone who thinks that Diana Irey won't win this November is underestimating me & the rest of the crew at Murtha Must Go. People who haven't read our stuff wouldn't know that we've uncovered a ton of stuff that's gonna bury Murtha this November.

When Irey was on Hannity & Colmes Friday night, she said that 18 percent of PA-12's population are active duty, reserve or retired military. I talked with a friend of mine in Pittsburgh who told me that military families are so upset with Murtha that he'll be lucky to get 20 percent of the military vote.

My friend is well-connected in Pennsylvania politics & knows what he's talking about. If Diana Irey doesn't get outworked this year, she'll defeat Murtha.

Our blog has dug up & posted alot of little-publicized Murtha comments. Most of those comments are now being incorporated into Ms. Irey's stump speeches & will become part of her ad campaign.

Murtha isn't campaigning & his campaign team is sloppy & he's gonna get beat because of it.

Well, I am not directly ass... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Well, I am not directly associated with RightRoots and have no right to speak for them, but I think the reason Irey leads is that the donors themselves may choose who to give their money to. Obviously, there are lots of people across America who would like to see Murtha booted. Hard.

And Bill, let's not count her out just yet. While Murtha won convincing margins in the past, he was unopposed last year, and redistricting has changed the district somewhat.

Plus, Diane has that great built-in advantage of a completely abhorrent opponent. Murtha is John Kerry without the personal trainer and rich wife.








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