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The 'Bush Hate' Influence

Real Clear Politics has been tracking Job Approval ratings for Dubya for quite a while now. While I disagree with their methodology, it can still be an interesting, if untrustworthy barometer for the political weather in D.C. (the District of Corruption).

The present numbers say Dubs is at 33.9% Job Approval. Pretty grim. But there's a range in there worth noting. More to the point, look who is where.

First off, I personally reject as currently valid those polls which are more than 10 days old, so that gives us the following, revised, spread:

Rasmussen: 40%
Newsweek: 30%
Time: 37%
CNN: 34%
CBS News: 28%
NBC/Wall St Journal: 35%

OK, that's 34.0%, which is about where RCP shows it, but look at the 12-point range between polls in that same period. Folks, that's not very much of a consensus, especially when you have to add in the 3.5 +/- point margin of error. If these polls can claim to be accurate, there's really a nineteen-point range of variance in poll positions. There's a scientific term for that, but in plain English it means that at least some of these polls are worthless, absolutely not worth your trust.

Just another reminder that some folks in the media are quite willing to lie to you.

As a comment for anyone interested in digging into the details, neither Rasmussen nor Newsweek was willing to release the party identification of respondents along with their press release of the poll results. In the CBS News poll, Democrats polled outnumbered Republicans 444-292.

Just something else to think about.

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Comments (5)

Polls DO NOT even make Good... (Below threshold)

Polls DO NOT even make Good Toilet Paper any longer!

Most are on-line. It used to be that we could line bird cages with the N.Y. and L.A, Times, but we cannot even do that with Polls any more.

I don't even pay them any a... (Below threshold)

I don't even pay them any attention I go by what I read conservatives saying on the internet I do know that a lot of conservatives 30K to be exact are signing an on-line petition in support of the President and his push to win in Iraq I think that is all I really need to know.

DJ,I recently post... (Below threshold)


I recently posted the following rant/information at FreeRepublic . . . Thought you might be interested!

Predictably, the MSM is using its 'manufactured' polls to convince the American public that EVERYONE is against both the War in Iraq and President Bush . . . Don't believe it!

I encourage you to review new polling results from the most respected INDEPENDENT pollster in the business today:

Among other things, you will discover the following:

46% war worth fighting
48% war not worth fighting
[. . . an even split rather than a 70% majority against!]

53% of electorate coalesce around the President's stated goal of forces staying until the situation is confirmed stable (32%) or the President's plan for a troop surge to stabilize the situation quickly (21%) -- hardly looks like a repudiation of the President's approach to me?!

42% JA rating
45% Favorability rating
[FYI: For survey respondents, job approval and favorability ratings have become synonymous!]

[FYI: The Battleground Poll remains the only poll that consistently tracks a president's 'likability rating'. All MSM pollsters produced likability ratings until their boy Clinton became president and couldn't get his LR above 40%!]

BattleGround Poll: Republican Strategic Analysis
By Ed Goeas

"Continuing a trend seen throughout his Presidency, the (President's) personal approval rating remains high at sixty-one (61%) of likely voters approving of him personally, a sign that the President has an opening to at some point move his image and JA rating net positive. On this measure 93% of Republicans and 56% of Independents approve of him. The President continues to have a considerable amount of personal good will not only with his base Republican voters, but also with those key Independent voters."

You will find more polling statistics and analysis at

FYI: RASMUSSEN puts the President's JA rating at 42% today and he is currently OVERSAMPLING Democrats by almost 7 points!

Rasmussen has been pretty g... (Below threshold)

Rasmussen has been pretty good the last few years (since 2003). By the results of the 2006 elections, one can not be that critical of oversampling Democrats. I think that as the Democratic Congress progresses Rasmussen will lower the Dems in his survey and some disenchantment sets in. Rasmussen has been very consistent since March 2006 on GWB's approval rating. Ever since the port disaster GWB's rating has been 42% plus or minus 3%. Good news on Iraq may change the dynamics and bump GWB's rating into the high 40's.

"Just another reminder that... (Below threshold)

"Just another reminder that some folks in the media are quite willing to lie to you."

Unfortunately, the media decline in this country has led us to the point now where they will say ** anything ** to advance their personal agendas. This has been obvious to me for nearly a decade, but it has been particularly evident in the past two or three. From the utterly horrible Katrina reporting, to Rathergate, AP and Reuters "fauxtography" scandals, NYT treasonous reporting of national security secrets, and on and on.

I am fighting back in my own way by no longer giving my money to any of these "news" organizations unless I can help it. That means, no cable, no news magazines like Time, only a local paper (no dreadful USA Today). I do not watch network news nor do I purchase products from their sponsors (unless I have to). I greatly resent having to walk through an airport and listen to the moronic drivel that is CNN spewing forth on giant monitors around me. Thank goodness for iPods!

In the end, the news is a business like any other. They sell a "product". They need to make money to stay in business. The less of my money I give them or their sponsors, the harder it will be for them to stay in business. Simple as that.

Finally, the news business has not only lost me as a consumer but also my repsect as a profession. I will urge my kids to stay away from journalism as a career, because it's not about reporting the news anymore, but instead about helping your liberal buddies, viciously smearing your foes, and focusing on the inane and profane in our society...







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